Born Again Rock™ is made
from 100% recycled concrete and other inert materials for
the eco-concious consumer.

for use as filler
between paver

for use in walkways
and small

for use in drains or
as filler or top

Born Again Rock is the environmental rebirth of concrete into rocks made from 100% recycled concrete and other inert materials.
It is offered in three sizes: fine, medium and coarse. Born Again Rock is composed of concrete stones, tiles and blocks that have been repurposed into multi-purpose rock for the eco-conscious consumer. Born Again Rock stands for quality products, quality service and sustainability.




Drainage Materials

  • French Drains
  • Behind Walls
  • Along Paths & Driveways
  • Under Pavers

Top Dressing on Driveways
Filler Between Pavers
Pathway Gravel
Smaller Flowerbeds
Decorative Landscaping
All-Purpose Stone Material

This environmentally friendly product can be used in any type and size of home or commercial improvement project.

Fine, medium and coarse recycled concrete rock is conveniently packaged and easy to install. Whether you adhere to a green lifestyle or simply appreciate the aesthetic appeal of repurposed concrete, Born Again Rock is your source for 100% recycled rock.

Born Again Rock is
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